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Red iron buildings offer a wide selection of trusses. These trusses come in 40', 50', 60', 75',and 100' widths and 10', 12', 14', and 16' legs. These trusses are set on 20' or 25' centers. Using these trusses and 26 gauge Hi Rib panels, you are able to erect a high quality commercial building. All buildings come with plat layout signed by an engineer.


Red iron steel is consistent in providing customers with the lowest possible costs for the best quality materials available. Time and money is always a factor on the forefront of many customers’ minds. So when comparing the cost of a conventional built structure to a pre-engineered building, you will be able to see that in many cases you will save 25% or more on cost and will be able to have the structure erected in almost half of the time with the red iron type of building. Many businesses and customers select this type of metal buildings not only because of the time and money that is saved, but also because of our excellence in service and quality through the purchasing process.


Red iron type buildings can be used in many applications. A few of which are:


Farm Buildings

As a customer looking to begin a project to build a farm building, you are undoubtedly looking for strength and stability for your building structure. Whether you are planning on building a barn, a riding arena, a dairy, or even an agricultural storage facility, Red iron steel buildings pre-engineered building structures are designed to provide the highest strength in materials and greatest stability and long-term durability.


Self Storage

By the end of 2007, approximately 52,000 mini storage units had been developed. Red Iron Steel understands the economic factors that are involved in the self/mini storage business as it is estimated that the self/mini storage industry produces over $20 billion in revenues on an annual basis. Red iron steel buildings provide the highest quality self storage structure for you.


Church Buildings

All over America, churches are growing in population and outgrowing their buildings. Pastors and church board members are very aware of some of the high costs that are involved in meeting the demands of housing their congregations. Red iron steel buildings provide religious organizations with the top quality structure at a cost-effective price.


Airplane Hangars

Airplane hangars are a vital necessity for any professional in the airplane industry. To store and maintain an airplane or jet, it takes a high quality building structure in the form of an airplane hangar to meet that need. Red iron steel buildings has top quality airplane hangar designs and structures that will give you everything you need in an airplane storage facility.


Institutional Buildings

Every community has a need for institutional buildings. Most non-profit institutional organizations within your community have a need for a durable and cost-effective structure. A red iron steel building can meet the needs of the community based organizations that have demands of erecting a building in a short amount of time on a limited budget.


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